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How did In8 Resilience begin?

Lindsay has worked in the Training and Teaching fields for almost two decades and have seen how vital being Resilient is. Lindsay has faced adversity like all people. She has discovered an approach and framework that, when implemented, will help keep you on the path to a more balanced resilient life.

Why are your programs customised?

I want to ensure that our program addresses your personal needs, be it on an Individual, Team or Corporate level. I talk to you and uncover your specific needs and then design a program that meets these. How does your Corporate and Education programs help the individual?

As Resilience is innate in all people, our programs are designed to meet the needs on an individual level within a corporate or educational setting; each individual will draw their own specific lessons from our courses to help them become more resilient and thrive.

How does your programs help the organisation and education sectors?

Research shows that when a team is healthy, happy and balanced, their productivity increases. Research also indicates that sick leave is reduced, and a culture of success is generated; our program helps organisations find this sweet spot within the workplace. The metrics we impact include Profit, Engagement, Loyalty, Efficiency, Innovation, Employee Health and KPI’s.

Are the programs researched based?

All of our programs are based on research into Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and wellbeing.

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